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Cactus Wild | Sticker
Cactus Wild | Sticker
Cactus Wild | Sticker

Cactus Wild | Sticker



Have you ever hiked through the Sonoran Desert during spring cactus blooms?  Explosions of red, white, green, yellow, and pink surround the landscape like fireworks. This sticker was made to remind us about this season, the vibrant beauty that the desert holds, and the necessity to Keep it Wild.

These stickers are easy to apply and nearly impossible to destroy. Dishwasher safe and can withstand any terrain or weather you throw at it.  


Keep it Wild will set aside 10% of profits of this sticker to fund wilderness cleanups in priority areas. Your purchase helps preserve, restore, and maintain the wilderness we freely enjoy.  Find out more about our next scheduled cleanup here

Sticker Details

Sticker // 4.5" x 2.5"
Matte Finish, Die Cut
Guaranteed to make your water bottle cooler.

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