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Hey! So glad you're interested in being a part of the Keep it Wild family of retailers! We love what we do and are very selective about wholesaling. We are very focused on delivering an excellent customer experience and serving our community in the best way possible. That said we only take on a handful of curated wholesale accounts. 

We would love to consider you as a wholesaler. Be aware that we do not accept any of the following;

  • Website only wholesale
  • Any of our products to be sold online
  • Any third party selling (Amazon and so forth)
  • Any store located too geographically close to a current retailer (we are loyal to our retailers and want you to be successful)

Wholesale Account Request:

  1. Click here to create an account
  2. After you create your account, you can request to become a wholesale account by emailing
    (Please include your name, business name, website, tax ID and resale tax certificate number for verification.)

Once your application has been approved we will email you and let you know what you have been approved to sell. To make your experience top notch, we have a few items the must be met to place your wholesale orders: 

  • Please make sure you are signed in to your account
  • Check that you meet minimums per product ordered
  • Plan ahead and make your total order a minimum of $250

Already have an approved wholesale account? Click here to login.

At Keep it Wild we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional customer experience. Your success and ability to deliver quality goods to your customers is very important to us! Please let us know if you have any questions at