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Keepers of the Wild

Meet the Wild Keepers 

Some call them ambassadors, stewards, adventurers, enthusiasts, we prefer to call them friends. These aren't your typical brand ambassador; at Keep it Wild we believe in standing for what we stand on, and doing the right thing. Always. 

We have hand selected people that we believe live and breath the spirit of what it means to be a keeper of the wild. Not only taking the time to get out and experience the wild world, but to give back and take care of the wild places we love. 

You think you have what it takes to take this burden upon you? 

  • Are you a person that is outdoors weekly?
  • Do you believe in keeping nature wild?
  • Are you a hardcore nature enthusiast?
  • Do you practice mindfulness? 
  • Are you community minded, and can you engage with people, in person and online? 
  • Does an escalator into the Grand Canyon make your stomach ache? 
  • Do you support public lands? 

If not. No worries! We still love you, and have plenty of opportunities for you to make an impact with us. 

If yes,