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How we Give

We believe that nature is meant to be wild.  It is up to us to keep it that way.

Listen, Arizona is awesome.  Our state attracted almost 12 million visitors to our National Parks alone last year.  It is evident that more people want to enjoy the great outdoors now more than ever.  However, massive budget cuts in the state has caused staff shortages, halted important maintenance and restoration projects, and has really strained the states ability to maintain our wild places.  This is where all of us can make a difference.  Here's how we give;

It Starts With You

Our products are made with a purpose.  With every Keep it Wild purchase, an Arizona area in need is being funded.  Shop our entire collection.

Our Partnerships

The Keep it Wild Giving Team forms strategic partnerships with local organizations that are making an impact for good in our state to find and prioritize the most pressing needs.  See all of our partnerships here!

Event Hosting

We put our money where our mouth is.  We coordinate with our partners to host and co-host community events that are designed to educate, restore, and preserve our wild places in Arizona.  See the list of current and past projects.