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We believe nature is meant to be wild and together we can keep it that way.

We are here to create the largest community of do-gooders.  We are transforming the giving experience by connecting impact with purchases. With every purchase of our outdoor inspired goods, 10% is used to host local cleanups. Since our start in October 2016, we've removed over 20,000 pounds of trash. 

We use the power of community to promote volunteerism and responsible outdoor recreation. Our partnerships with local organizations allow us opportunities to get out into the wild and make a difference.  As we grow, so will our reach and ultimately our impact.

Frankly, we give a damn.

Why we do it

The Southwest landscape is awesome (not the problem) and because it is so awesome it attracts millions of people every year to enjoy its beauty and grandeur.  Due to massive budget cuts, however, many states are limited in both funds and resources to keep up with the increasing demand for nature.  This places a heavy burden on our wild places and however infinite and indestructible they may seem, they need to be nurtured and cared for. 

How it works

Our job:  

  1. Create awesome, affordable, and unique goods.
  2. Find, promote, fund, and participate in efforts to keep our wild places wild.
  3. Encourage responsible outdoor recreation through group events and volunteer opportunities.
  4. Form partnerships with organizations that we feel are worthy recipients of our time and money.

Your job:

  1. Buy something!  We use a portion of every sale to host clean up events.  It's grassroots.  It's hard work. It's real impact. 
  2. Come get wild with us! We need a community full of doer's in a world full of talkers. Join us on our next clean up.
  3. Share the message! Help spread the word by using #letskeepitwild on all your social platforms.