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Outdoor date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Casi and I hate Valentine’s Day.  Well, I hate Valentine’s Day.  I don’t care for fancy restaurants or expensive gifts or greeting cards.  I think we both would rather spend our time and money on adventures and gear… wait a minute, what a great idea!  We put together a few of our favorite outdoor date ideas for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

For our desert dwellers

Take a Hike: This is such a fun idea especially in warmer climates on Valentine’s Day.  When searching for a hike, try to find one that has great views but isn’t too long or difficult (you don’t want to be all sweaty when you get ready to cuddle up and watch the sunset).  Make sure to pack some goodies to munch on, water and beverages for two, and a blanket to snuggle.  Don’t have an outdoor blanket yet? We’ve got you covered! Visit our store to find the perfect adventure blanket that’s perfect for two.

    Tip: It can be daunting trying to find the right trail.  Here’s a list of a few of our favorite sites!

      Go on a Scenic Drive: Casi and I often just pack up the car, pick a forest service or scenic highway, and just drive until we find a beautiful place we’ve never discovered before.  This is a great idea for those who want some time to chat, explore, and find new adventures!  

      Make S'mores: Some of our favorite memories together involves creating new S'more concoctions around the campfire.  Here’s what we do.  Casi and I go the grocery store and each grab a basket.  We divide up and pick our favorite s’more ingredients and meet at the checkout register.  We try to find ingredients that take s’more making to a whole new level.  Here are some of our favorite combos;

      • Fudge Stripe Cookie, Reese’s, Mallow, Fudge Stripe Cookie (Casi)
      • Chocolate Chip Cookie, dark chocolate, mallows, Chocolate Chip Cookie (Casi)
      • Pretzel, Rolo’s, mallows, Pretzel (Cameron)
      • Crescent Roll, mallows, Nutella (Cameron)

      Casi and I have since moved from the desert and now are spending our first Valentine’s Day in snowy weather. Here are some of our ideas!

      Cold weather dates

      Snowman Competition:  Make the ground rules together, find some snow, and get building!

      Go snowshoeing:  Snowshoeing is basically hiking in snow.  It’s a great way to see the wilderness in a whole new way!  Make sure to bring extra layers!

      Exchange gifts around a campfire:  There’s just something romantic about being outdoors surrounded by stars and being warmed by fire.  Find a nice secluded site, pull up some camp chairs and a warm blanket (again, we’ve got you covered) and show off your fire building skills!  If you need gift ideas, make sure to check out our shop!


        • Make sure to bring warm clothing and even a portable heater. Being cold sucks.
        • Bring simple finger foods.  Making a meal outside is difficult and dirty dishes aren’t sexy.
        • Tunes are long as you are secluded and not bothering other people.
        • Have fun, keep it simple. 

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        Got other suggestions or ideas?  Let us know in the comments below!



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